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New Publications

Young Person's Guide to The Origins of Jewish Prayer

Learn how a Torah scroll is made, step-by-step, in this photographic picture book. Age 10-13.


Akiva is just a poor shepherd living an ordinary life, until he falls in love with Rachel..   Ages 3-8


Rosie can't wait to start doing good deeds to save the world, but it turns out that the greatest acts of Tikun Olam start in her own home. Ages 3-8


A Young Person’s Guide to the Origins of Jewish Prayer

Age 9-12


Below are some of our newsest publications. If you are interested in purchasing any, please contact Janet.

HowItsMade Torah cov Rosie Saves the world TMHR Revised cover Gateways Shabbat cover Drop by drop

The Gateways Shabbat Family Companion - suitable for all ages.


Strengthen your Hebrew in just 10 minutes.

Age 9-11


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